Through our work, the Partnership for Better Health has a measurable impact on individuals and partner organizations within the local health care community. Each year, we strategically invest more than $2 million in programs designed to promote healthy lifestyles and increase access to health services. In just one year, we touch more than 30,000 lives through foundation investments, and we continue our steadfast commitment to maximizing our impact and reach.

In addition to thousands of patients receiving essential health services at Sadler Health Center and NHS Stevens Center, 85 promising health professionals are receiving scholarships to advance their educations and strengthen the fabric of our local health care community.

The foundation’s 5210 PA health campaign is making a real difference. Through pre- and post-surveys conducted with parents of students at Big Spring, Carlisle and West Perry school districts, outcomes proved impressive. A 2013 report by The Food Trust identified statistically significant increases in students’ daily fruit and vegetable consumption and minutes of physical activity, with modest decreases in the percentage of students consuming sugar-sweetened beverages.

We take great care in evaluating each initiative we fund and we require all grantees to demonstrate performance as a return on foundation investments. In 2014, grantees collectively achieved a 74 percent success rate in meeting and exceeding their program goals.