Community Policy & Engagement

From its beginning, the foundation has engaged in the public policy process toward supporting sound health policies and the advocacy efforts of community agencies. This work is guided by the foundation’s Community Policy & Engagement Committee, which is comprised of health care professionals, scholars, lobbyists and government officials. The Committee’s goals are threefold:

  • Serve policymakers and the public by providing reliable, accessible information on timely health policies;
  • Advocate for improved health policies at the local, state and federal levels; and
  • Support the development of area nonprofits to advocate and serve.

Through community forums and meetings, the foundation serves as a catalyst to foster dialogue, collaboration and understanding among diverse health leaders, and we strive to be an honest broker in adopting approaches that are inclusive, transparent and candid.  If you are seeking access to reliable health insurance information, visit the Health Care Access page of our website.

Legislative Advocacy

The Partnership for Better Health’s advocacy efforts illustrate our dedication to being a responsible participant in the development of health policies. By electing the 501(h) option under the Internal Revenue Code, we are permitted to have an active voice in the policy process, and we carefully track and report our allowable spending related to legislative advocacy.

Through the Community Policy & Engagement Committee, our staff, board and volunteers maintain regular contact with elected officials and other government representatives. The foundation also develops policy position papers on pressing health issues. Each paper is data-driven and based on current research, emerging national recommendations and the foundation’s own studies and taskforce recommendations.