Other Initiatives

Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health

The Pennsylvania Coalition for Oral Health (PCOH) is working to improve the oral health status of vulnerable populations in Pennsylvania. Formed in 2007, PCOH is comprised of leaders from across the state who represent schools of public health, philanthropic organizations, businesses, dental organizations, health insurance firms, advocacy organizations and other champions. The coalition’s common goal is to advance practices and policies that increase access to oral health services and educate Pennsylvanians about good preventive care. A founding member of the coalition in 2007, the foundation continues to partner with PCOH in a variety of capacities as an active member and contributing funder.

PA Health Funders Collaborative

The Partnership for Better Health is an active member of the Pennsylvania Health Funders Collaborative (PHFC), a group of 31 health foundations across the state that strives to improve the effectiveness of funders’ initiatives by collaborating, networking, sharing best practices and advancing a unified voice among funders working in communities across Pennsylvania. PHFC seeks to enhance access to high-quality and cost-effective health services to meet the needs of the Commonwealth’s most vulnerable populations.

PHFC’s core goals are to:

  • Build knowledge of current developments and intersections in health philanthropy and state health policy;
  • Enhance awareness of funders’ current grant initiatives and funding priorities to identify areas of convergence
  • Develop networks and explore opportunities for collaborative grantmaking;
  • Leverage expertise and resources for greater impact; and
  • Establish or support opportunities for shared funding for specific projects.

Cumberland County Food Systems Alliance

The new Cumberland County Food System Alliance was formed after a year of planning with a wide range of organizations. The alliance’s goal is to develop a sustainable local food system that promotes economic vitality, increases food security, encourages wellness and advances community resilience.